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Ian Reid was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He's been skateboarding for as long as he can remember and is the creator of the of epic skate video, "Sex, Hood, Skate and Videotape." Through his skateboarding, Reid has experienced incredible and unparalleled life moments which have allowed him to expand his repertoire into the visual worlds of photography and film.

In addition to advertising and commercial work for clients such as Nike and Converse, his editorial images have been published in American and international magazines such as Vogue, GQ, The Fader, Vibe, Mass Appeal and In-Style.

Ian is a photojournalist, filmmaker, visual artist and creative producer. His work urges the viewer to abandon restrictions and surrender to fantasy. While grounded in reality, his photos constantly provoke imagination and the desire to uncover the true story behind each image.

Books & Zines
#YouWasntThere - Dipset: Cam'ron
Abandoned - Published by These Days LA
Nature - Published by These Days LA
Deleted - Published by These Days LA
Being - Published by Ian Reid
Complex Geometry - Published by Gingko press
A few days & nights - Published by Beyond the streets

Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape
A few days & nights

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