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The Abandoned City of Pripyat

In the 1970s, the town of Pripyat, less than 2 miles away from the reactor, was constructed for the plant’s personnel. Once a beautiful town by Soviet standards, its inhabitants were evacuated 36 hours after the accident. Today it's a ghost town, buildings bear witness to the hasty departure, decades after the catastrophe, nature reclaims the town: trees grow through broken windows, grass pushes up through the cracks in dormant roads that once were glorious promenades – but the town remains unfit for human habitation for hundreds of years to come.

The following statistics are from January 1, 1986.

Population: 49,400 before the disaster. Total living space 13,414 apartments in 160 apartment blocks, 18 halls of residence accommodating up to 7,621 single males or females, and 8 halls of residence for married or de facto couples.
Education: 15 primary schools for about 5,000 children, 5 secondary schools, 1 professional school.
Healthcare: 1 hospital that could accommodate up to 410 patients, and 3 clinics.
Trade: 25 stores and malls; 27 cafes, cafeterias and restaurants could serve up to 5,535 customers simultaneously. 10 warehouses could hold 4,430 tons of goods.
Culture: 3 facilities: a culture palace, a cinema and a school of arts, with 8 different societies.
Sports: 10 gyms, 3 indoor swimming-pools, 10 shooting galleries, 2 stadium.

This Is Pripyat.

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