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A few days & nights.

It all started with bike rides with a good friend who worked too much. We didn’t think much of what was going on other then he finally had time off to relax & hang out. On our daily bike rides I would take photos & sometimes videos, we would joke about the signs that said “sorry we are closed temporarily, we will reopen in 2 weeks”. We laughed and said oh it’ll be a few days & nights till things are normal again soon.

I noticed that things weren't getting any better and the city was slowly closing more and more every day then I spotted the trailers and once I saw what was inside of them my daily routine changed and I began shooting photos of the city and its rapidly changing look feel and energy.

Select footage from A few days & nights periodically illustrates a timeline created by the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition New York Responds: The First Six Months, which features a selection of key events from 2020. The events are organized under two main rubrics: COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter (BLM). A third category - "Context" - refers to events that were shaped by COVID-19 or BLM but cannot be fully claimed as a datapoint by either category.

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